If you need to convert a playlist into it's own program within your organisation then you can follow these steps.

Most commonly, this needs to be done when an organization has been set-up incorrectly with one program and a playlist for every show at a radio station for example. This help doc explains the correct use of playlists.

  1. Head to the playlist details page and copy the RSS feed of the playlist you want to turn into a program.

2. Head to the import page at organization settings - import and paste the RSS feed.

3 Click 'import podcasts' and a new program will be created!

4 (if applicable) If you have any embed players published from the original program/playlist then you will need to update them with the newly created embed URLs.

5. Head to the newly created program and copy the newly created RSS feed under the playlist details.

6. The final step is to re-direct the original playlist to the newly created playlist within the new program. You can do this by pasting the newly created RSS feed into the 'moving away' box under the original playlist details - advanced settings - moving away from Omny Studio.

7. Click save and you're done!

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