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Updating embed players after migration
Updating embed players after migration
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If you have migrated a podcast to Omny from another podcast host and were using the embed players provided by that host, you may need to update websites with new embed players from Omny.

Note: If you have migrated your show between Omny organizations, it is possible to maintain the same embed players without replacing them. Contact support for help to do so.

There are multiple approaches to replacing the embed players on your websites in a batch, however all will require technical expertise and access to update your content management system or database.


You can use the Consumer API or Management API to programmatically query the "clips" to match and extract the new embed URL for each of your existing embed players.

You can match clips from your previous podcast host by using the ImportedId field on each clip. This property is automatically populated with the value of the <guid> for each episode imported from the previous RSS feed.

Each clip has a EmbedUrl field which is the URL to the Omny Studio embed player for the specified clip.

The embed URL needs to be formatted with the <iframe> HTML tag like below. You may refer to the embed player documentation on customization options which may require other URL parameters and iframe sizing.

<iframe src="[EmbedUrl]" allow="autoplay; clipboard-write" width="100%" height="180" frameborder="0"></iframe>


You may contact support to request a CSV export of

  • Omny clip ID

  • Clip title

  • Imported ID

  • Embed URL

This can then be used in a code or script to match and replace the embeds in your existing database.

If you require additional help please contact support.

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