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Moving a podcast from one Omny Studio organization to another Omny Studio organization
Moving a podcast from one Omny Studio organization to another Omny Studio organization
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For a checklist and visual migration guide - click here (link to PDF).


Note: Whenever you are redirecting/importing an RSS feed, your historical analytics will not be available in the new program. Please download your historical analytics to CSV to maintain an archive.

Note: If you have an RSS pagesize limit in place but your podcast feed has a greater number of episodes, please reach out to Support.

If you need to move a show from one Omny Studio organization to another you can follow these steps!

You will need to switch between your two organizations which you can do by hovering over the organization name here: 

Please note that this is just like a migration to another host and all historical download data and transcriptions will be lost. 

  1. Import your podcast into your new organization using the RSS importer

  2. (if applicable) If you currently use Triton Digital's Podcast Metrics (PCM) platform, link your shows to Podcast Metrics/Ranker (check out the dedicated section on page 2 of the migration guide).

  3. Once the import is complete, you can update any embed players that you have published to your website to the newly created embed codes. This is so that the plays are attributed to your new account. The manual way to do this is to replace the code on your website with the new embed code.

    If you want to be clever, you can update the slug of the new Omny Studio program to the old slug here. 

WARNING the 'changing the slug' method is optional and will temporarily break all of your existing embeds and permanently break any posts you've made to social media. If you're ok with that then read on otherwise you will need to manually replace all of the embed code.

3a) Copy the slug in your existing 'original' program.

3b) Change the name of the slug in the original program (the one your migrating from) to something else by adding a few numbers to the end and click save. 

3c) Switch to your new organization and paste the name of your original program's slug to the new program (it must be exactly what the original slug was) and click save. 

All of your embed players will now be attributed to the new program analytics!

4) Once that's done (or if you didn't use the Omny embed player) you can re-direct your original feed to your new feed by pasting your new RSS feed at playlist details- advanced settings - redirect to URL in your original organization: 

5) While you're there, make sure that this box is UN-ticked and click save.

6) Finally! Make sure that same box IS ticked in your new program under playlist details - advanced settings - 'Moved podcast to Omny Studio' and click save.

7) You are done!

Please note that Spotify behaves differently to most other podcast apps and will not start downloading from your new RSS feed for old episodes until the original episodes are unavailable. 

This means that you will continue to see downloads of old episodes in the account you've migrated from until you delete the original episodes. 

Please don't delete your old program/account until the redirect has been in place for at least a week to ensure all subscribers on other apps are moved across.

Please contact support if you need clarification.

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